Introducing the ALL NEW LIBIGROW AND LIBIGIRL Shots for men and women.  You can get the energy and power you want in just 2 ounces of delicious flavors like Coco Loco, Magnum Mango, Magnum Gape, Magnum Punch, Magnum Berry and Pomegranate. Libigrow shots are the healthier alternative to coffee, sugar-loaded energy drinks and other energy supplements.

With only 4 calories and zero sugar, you can’t choose a better product! Libigrow and Libigirl shots are made up of a blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, essential nutrients for your body and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. With the power and energy from Libigrow and Libigirl shots, you’re ready and energized for anything! If sexual energy, physical stamina and increased performance are what you’re looking for, look no more, your answer is right here in Lbigrow and Libigirl Energy Shots. With just this 2 ounce shot you’ll be ready for harder, stronger, and longer pleasure on command.

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