AS OF JUNE 2010 Libigriow is the number 1 sex pills in America

Number 1 Sex Pills : Libigrow

Libigrow is a male enhancement supplement created to assist men who struggle with the various symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The maker of this product details several potential sexual benefits that can be achieved with usage. Let’s take a closer look at the Libigrow formula and those reported benefits.

1. What makes Libigrow different from other male enhancement products?
Libigrow is 100% NATURAL and is the most powerful over the counter herbal sexual supplement for men in the market! Best of all, you don’t need a dietary regiment of Libigrow for it to work. By focusing on your body’s libido, Libigrow can go to work fast and the rest is up to you. You decide how much you want Libigrow to work. It’s that simple.

2. Can Libigrow be taken by men who DO NOT have erectile dysfunction?

YES, YES, YES. Any man who wants to increase his sexual activity and dramatically boost his performance can take Libigrow. Let’s be honest here, how many of us out there haven’t dreamt of performing like a star? Most of us can’t due to various stressors or pressures in our daily lives. By taking Libigrow, you CAN perform like you’ve always dreamt about AND you don’t need a lifetime supply of Libigrow to do so.

3. Can Libigrow be taken by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED)?

YES. However, we at believe in the medical process and URGE all men with ED or other medical conditions to consult with their physicians before taking ANY nutraceuticals and participating in ANY strenuous activities. For a more in-depth answer to this question, please visit our SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION page.

4. Does Libigrow increase the size of my penis?

YES! Simply put, your penis is going to get engorged with fresh oxygenated blood. This will cause a dramatic increase in size. In the erect state, you’ll notice an overall increase of up to 35%. In the flacid state, you’ll notice an overall increase of up to 45%. Individual results may vary, but we promise you’ll be happy.

5. How can Libigrow benefit my sexual partner(s)?

Great sex with your partner is just the beginning. A healthy sexual relationship between you and your partner is important in enhancing the overall quality of your relationship. When you please your partner sexually, you’ve accomplished a lot more than you think. Besides, taking Libigrow is fun for all…who would say no to better Sex?

6. Are there any useful suggestions on taking Libigrow?

Yes. We suggest that you take 1 capsule of Libigrow on an empty stomach with 10-12 ounces of water. Don’t double up on Libigrow as it will not make the results any better. 1 capsule whenever you want it is what we suggest. Don’t take more than 2 capsules in a 3 day period.

7. How soon will I notice the results after taking Libigrow?

If you take Libigrow on an empty stomach, most men notice an effect within 30 minutes. Just remember, sexual stimulation is the key with Libigrow; without it, nothing will happen. You will not get an erection while stuck in traffic…unless you want one that is…

8. Does Libigrow help people who suffer from pre-mature ejaculations?

YES, YES, YES. The best part about taking Libigrow is that you are in total control over your erections. If you have an orgasm and would like to continue, YOU CAN. You don’t have to suffer from the 20-30 minute delay that most men deal with after having an orgasm. Simply continue having sex and prepare yourself for your next climax.


Cordyceps (mycelium) cordyceps sinensis
Flat-Stem Milkvetch (seed) astragalus complanatus
Chinese Dodder (seed) cuscuta chinensis
Ligustrum (fruit) ligustrum lucidum
Cnidium (fruit) cnidium monnieri
Cherokee Rose (fruit) rosa laveigata
Walnut (nut)
Dong Quai (root) angelica sinensis
Astragalus (root) astragalus membranaceus
Schizandra (fruit) schisandra chinensis
Korean Ginseng