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Square Smoke Electronic electronic cigarette

Square Smoke Electronic electronic cigarette

If you have a pre-existing health condition, please consult with your doctor prior to using

an e-cigarette.

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What is a SQUARE electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette, otherwise known as the e cigarette, is an

innovative and revolutionary new device that can change the way people

view smoking. Composed of just two parts, the battery and the mouthpiece

or cartomizer which emits vapor from what is called “E-Liquid” rather than

smoke. It is absent the thousands of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens, and

cancer-causing agents typically found in traditional tobacco cigarettes,

making the e-cigarette the safer choice to alternative smoking!

Electronic Cigarette Cartomizer VS Atomizer?

The simply explanation is that a cartomizer is a cartridge that

contains a disposable atomizer while an atomizer is reusable and

is attached to a cartridge which is usually refillable.

Are electronic cigarettes safer?

We can tell you it is a smarter choice! The smoke of a traditional tobacco

cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals, and approximately 69 of them are

actually acknowledged to cause cancer.

Can I quit smoking with e cigarettes?

The FDA has not approved the e cigarette as a smoking cessation product.

We have, however, heard of thousands of people who have quit using the e

cigarette across the web in comment boxes on blog posts, press releases,

news releases and forums. We have also had many of our customers state

that they have used them to help curb or eliminate tobacco by using them

as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

If the SQUARE E-Cig emits no smoke, then what is it that I see?

It is vapor, and it evaporates into the air within seconds. Unlike traditional

cigarettes, the vapor is odorless and will not cause you, your clothing, or

your home to smell like an ashtray.

Where can i buy the SQUARE E-Cig from?

Square disposable E-Cig can be purchased online at and participating

Bars, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Malls, Convenience Stores, Gas

Stations, Air Ports, Pharmacies etc…

Does SQUARE E-Cig come charged and ready to use?

Yes your SQUARE Disposable E-Cig is charged and ready to smoke right

out of the package. When You purchase your SQUARE E-Cig it will be

fully charged and ready for use.

Why are people using SQUARE E-Cig?

Most smokers, smoke because they enjoy the psychological, physical and

emotional feelings they get from smoking traditional cigarettes.

The SQUARE Disposable E-Cig will provide you with the pleasures

of smoking, without all the problems that occur when burning tobacco

in traditional Cigarettes. Some reasons people use SQUARE Disposable

E-Cig: Convenience, Affordability, health, freedom to smoke anywhere and

everywhere, no Smoke, no second hand smoke, no odor, no teeth stain, no

bad breath and non-flammable.

How do i turn on my new E-cig?

You simply Press the Button and inhale and when you are done, simply

release and put it back in your pocket or carrying case.

How long will my New Square last?

SQUARE Disposable E-Cig is equivalent to about 2 packs of traditional

cigarettes, or 40 cigarettes.

Does the Disposable E-Cig have a smell?

No, the ‘Water Vapor’ has no odor, however you may have a light essence

from the flavors of the nicotine Cartridge

Can i use SQUARE Disposable E-Cig anywhere i like?

Yes, you should be able to use the Disposable E-Cig anywhere and

everywhere, since it does not release smoke or burn tobacco (it only

emits harmless vapor), however some people who are not familiar

with Disposable E-Cigarettes may ask you not to smoke, until you explain

your smoking an Electronic Cigarette, not a traditional tobacco burning